Burnaby Meals On Wheels: A successful non-profit rebrand and website redesign


Every once and while you come across a not-for-profit organization that is doing wonderful things for your community – but there’s often a big problem. Their website is not set up to drive conversions: actions like allowing users to easily sign up, get vital information or donate.

These items might be on the website, sure, but often is it structured in such a way that will not optimize the amount of engagement they get. In other words, users simply viewing the website and leaving without signing up or committing any kind of meaningful interaction. This is a huge waste!

Organizations like Burnaby Meals on Wheels rely on the generosity of volunteers and donations to run effectively, and there were clear indications that their website was failing to help drive both of these key conversions. Furthermore, users of the website – especially the elderly – were having issues with accessibility and finding information about signing up for the service.

After a few communications between Weight Creative and Burnaby Meals On Wheels, we set out to deliver a brand new web presence and identity to the program.

We started with a simple logo refresh.

A few goals for the organization were to make the brand more identifiable to their target audience, as well as removing any stigmas that might be associated with their current positioning. We created a simple, clean logo design that would be much more legible at a glance, especially when paired with creative imagery. Simplicity was the key here.

Meals On Wheels Rebrand

We chose imagery of fresh, wholesome foods to be paired with the brand – while the meals are pre-made for their clients, Burnaby Meals On Wheels focuses on providing delicious, nutrient rich foods that are meant to sustain their clientele’s dietary needs rather than using cheap salty, calorically dense pre-packed meals.

Then we deep-dived into the website.

Driving traffic to donate or volunteer was one of the biggest metrics used to measure success. We created clear paths to these conversions along with curating and organizing content in a way that allows users to easily find what they are looking for.

Website Redesign Mockups

Almost every page has a section on it with clear, vital call to actions: Want to donate? Want to get involved? Interested in registering?

All of these actions are never far from a user at any given time and when paired with bright, contrasting icons and strong language, these call to actions were a huge success in driving user conversions to get people involved.

Responsive mobile design

If you’d like to volunteer or donate to Burnaby Meals on Wheels you can do so by contacting them on their website here.

Lastly, if you are curious to see how we can help your organization’s web presence perform better, feel free to give us a ring at +1-855-500-2725 or schedule a quick introduction call!

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