Our Top Five (Special) Ways to Thank and Recognize your Donors


Each one of us has had moments throughout our lives where we have felt genuinely appreciated by someone – this thankfulness can make us want to work harder, do better and most of all makes us feel truly valued, that our efforts really mattered and made an impact.

Although it can seem like your to-do list is never ending, thanking donors in creative ways can be quite simple and very effective in cultivating relationships. If your organization would like to thank its donors, why not thank them in the strongest ways possible?

Below are five unique suggestions to help your non-profit up its ‘thanking’ game:

  • Demonstrate the impact that donations have had – this means showing your donors some numbers and statistics! Sharing these numerical factoids can be a powerful way to illustrate where each of their dollars has gone, and what sort of advantage its given your non-profit.
  • Don’t under estimate the power of giving recognition. Whether it be having a monthly donor spotlight on your social media accounts, a featured donor section on your website, e-newsletter or mail-outs. Make sure donors are given the opportunity to bask in a little bit of the spotlight! After all, they support your cause and deserve to be honoured.
  • Make an effort to remember their life milestones, from birthdays to anniversaries – having this valuable information gives your organization a reason to reach out and connect with donors about something other than donations! Simple acts such as mailing out a birthday card (or heck, even sending a birthday email) can make a donor feel like they matter to your organization.
  • We realize that non-profits are often short on time, so sometimes getting on the phone and thanking each donor just doesn’t seem feasible. However, putting together a short video message kindly thanking your donors is a nice work-around. It’s personal and easy for them to share across their social media! (Which in turns helps spread your organizations name).
  • Wherever possible, remember adding in little ‘human touches’ goes a very long way! Would you rather receive a hand-written thank you note or a flyer in the mail that is void of any personality? If you opt to send out cards or letters make sure it is signed by a recognizable figure within your organization.

There are many compelling ways to pay homage to your donors; from sharing facts about what their money has accomplished to firsthand stories about the lives it changed.

Thank your NGO's Donors.

Making an effort to thank and recognize your donors will help your organization foster long lasting friendships. Recognition is often all the thanks that is needed, causing your donors to remain loyal and hopefully causing them to continue asking “How else can I help?”.

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