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Weight Creative is a full-service creative design and web development agency for non-profits.

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Influence Through Insight

We understand how to bring your non-profit brand to life, establish credibility and expand your reach.

about the founders

Sarah Turton

Sarah has a post-secondary education in Fine Arts and Communication Design. She’s a dynamic creative who’s always illustrating, hand-lettering and doodling.

She is obsessed with her cat Pancakes, and would save her from a fire over her boyfriend. Or anybody, really.

Likes: Thrifting, watching The Office, doodling Dislikes: Wet floors, peas and lost socks Weird Fact: Double jointed thumbs Pet Peeve: Starbucks Favorite Color: Pantone C333

Sheldon Stenning

Sheldon has a decade of design experience; from getting his post secondary education, humble beginnings within the DIY community, and working his way up the ladder at full service agencies.

He is always looking for new ways to express himself, from music to finding creative experiences to explore.

Likes: The smell of books, cheap coffee, music Dislikes: Stuffy dinners, Apple Maps, Eight Months of Rain Weird Fact: Drove off a cliff once Pet Peeve: Tim Hortons Favorite Color: Seafoam

We Call Vancouver Home

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Suite #170 422 Richards St Vancouver BC V6B 2Z4 Canada

PAI has partnered with Weight Creative on a variety of digital projects, relying heavily on their design and technical expertise. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to supporting our initiatives, making them invaluable partners in our effort to drive traffic to our website, generate brand awareness and accomplish our communication and marketing goals. We feel confident that we’re getting the best service in building our digital footprint.

Alston Roberts III PAI Senior Digital Associate

I have worked with Weight Creative on several projects and they have been prompt to turn things around, listens to our needs, and delivered thoughtful, excellent design work within our budget. Thank you Weight Creative!

Lynne Henshaw Seniors Connect
Stacey Barr

Weight Creative is timely, professional, respectful of their clients’ time pressures, and – because nothing every goes perfectly – they are quick to take ownership of and fix a any little issues along the way. I love working with them, and have made them part of my virtual business team, for all things design related.

Stacey Barr Owner, Stacey Barr Ltd.

Working with Weight Creative was easy and revitalizing. Sheldon and Sarah immediately understood our audiences, core messages and tone. They captured the feel we were looking for and expressed who were are with a smart design, eye-catching imagery and user-friendly navigation.

Stephen D’Souza Burnaby Meals on Wheels

It was a pleasure to work with Weight Creative. They are friendly, responsive, and very punctual with edits and revisions. Their work is polished and professional, and we are incredibly happy with the brand they created for us.

Amanda Rodriguez Marketing & Development Manager, Dogwood Alliance
Resort Municipality of Whistler

Weight Creative has now won two of the Resort Municipality of Whistler’s proposal calls for the design of street lamp post banners. From the thought put into proposals, to the banner design development process and liaison with the banner printer, Weight Creative demonstrates their creativity and professionalism. It is easy to recommend them to any organization contemplating a similar project.

Kevin McFarland Resort Municipality of Whistler

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