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Mar 22 2019, by Sarah

Spring into action – 10 tips for movers and shakers to turn your website into a lead generation system.

Spring into action – 10 tips for movers and shakers to turn your website into a lead generation system.

Birds are singing a lively tune, the smell of freshly cut grass drifts into your home and you feel the immediate need to get rid of those old sweaters you meant to throw out last year. You take a look at your calendar – of course, it’s spring time (that explains everything!). If you’re looking for some feel-good spring-cleaning action without the actual cleaning, take a gander at our top ten tips for turning your website into a lead generation system.    

Add forms

First you will have to identify where your leads are coming from. You can easily see which pages are the most popular on your website if you have Google Analytics installed. If not, learn more about Google Analytics here. You’ll want to make sure the pages your website visitors are landing on are doing everything they can to nurture their interest in your business. That means making sure a form or a way of contacting you is enticing and easily visible! 

Be reachable

Many of us instantly look to the top right corner of a website’s navigation (or often the footer) to find the contact page or vital contact information (phone, email, address, etc.). Always remember this section of a website is the standard place users look for contact information. Incorporate either a link in your navigation to your contact page, your contact information, or both. Remember, sometimes it’s good to be predictable when it comes to your website.

Incorporate awesome calls-to-action

This one is fairly straight forward. You must (don’t ignore this one!) have relevant calls-to-action integrated into your messaging, and placed in highly visible areas of your website. Developing a strong call-to-action can take a bit of time, but if it resonates with your audience, you’re more likely to convert them before they bounce away.

Free goodies!

We’ve all seen them, and in fact, we ourselves offer free goodies on our website (if you want to download our e-book Six Secrets to Landing Your Best Clients, click here)! Offering an item of value to your audience opens the door for them to start engaging with you. The free item can really be anything so long as it provides value, such as an e-book, checklist, video, consult, etc. And even if they don’t reach out to you after downloading or signing up for a free goodie you can rest assured you will be remembered.

Set out a visual feast

Your readers are scanning your content… and scanning very quickly at that! You can slow them down and keep them engaged by adding deliciously interesting visuals, photography, effects and graphics. How many times have you spent an extra minute enjoying a really fun website? If you can provide a memorable and beautiful experience – do it!

Proof is in the pudding!

Anyone can claim to do something, but not everyone can prove it. Add evidence of your legitimacy and the value of your services. This may include examples, statistics, awards, ratings, association memberships and more. Better yet, add social proof in the form of testimonials: using the voice of your happy customers paired with a head shot will make users feel connected.


Online videos bridge the gap between online and off-line commerce. They also greatly increase conversion rates for a variety of industries — particularly e-commerce websites. The highest performing videos speak to the user rather than at them, keep in mind that website visitors who viewed a product video were much more likely to convert over users who simply viewed an ad.

A dash of personality

Have you ever landed on a website and thought to yourself, “Hmm…this looks exactly like the last website I looked at!”. Well, that’s definitely a problem to avoid! If you don’t want to get lost in an ocean of templated websites and mundane content, you have to stand out – don’t be shy! That means your brand should have personality that spills over into your website. Your website messaging should be catchy, and your website design should be remarkable and unique.

The chances of being on a website without a live chat box popping up is becoming less and less. Live chat services are increasing not just with their sophistication, but with how many people expect them. This means you could be missing out on a major lead generator! There’s plenty of free live chat software options out there, our favorite is, who you can check them out here. (Disclaimer, we are not affiliated with them in any way)

The no-pressure sign-up form

In general, consumers want their browsing experience to be as non-invasive as their buying experience. Oftentimes they’re not ready to make a purchase or engage when they first discover your website. To teach them about you with no effort or commitment on their part, invite them to subscribe to an on-going e-newsletter (or something along those lines). That way they will receive emails that notify them of industry trends, latest news, product updates and you’ll remain top of mind! Win-win for the both of you.  

We realize our list may be a bit overwhelming, but don’t despair – we’re here to help you get the ball rolling.

If you’re feeling unsure about the state of your website you can start by ask yourself a single, important question: Is my website as a whole working hard enough for my business?

If you answered no or are simply unsure – it’s time to start investigating how you can better connect and resonate with your potential clients through your website. 

You’re invited to a free introductory call!

Let’s get acquainted and learn more about you! Start strong by answering a set of thoughtful questions here and we’ll reach out to schedule your free consultation call to see if Weight Creative can help with your needs.


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Curious how we do it?

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