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Aug 23 2019, by Sheldon

Have you got the losing leads blues? How an unresponsive website may be the cause

Missing out on getting clients? It’s not you, it’s your website!

Was your website a lead-building machine a few years ago but lately it is starting to perform worse and worse? There could be a large number of issues at fault, but one of the first things you should always consider is if your website is responsive or not, and what a user’s experience is like on a mobile device.

Firstly, for the layman in all of us – a responsive website is a website where the layout and format changes depending on the screen size and device, ensuring that users who visit your website on their phone or tablet have an experience that is catered to them, instead of just serving them the desktop version of the website.

Why do you need a responsive website?

You might think to yourself “Hey, my desktop website looks great! There’s no reason you can’t browse it on your phone”. Well, you’re wrong my friend and here’s why: usability. When viewing a desktop formatted website on your phone, you encounter issues like text being too small (so a user has to zoom in to read or tap on text links), horizontal scrolling where a user has to scroll both left and right to try to find content or worse, read full lines of text, and if you use things like hover effects where you have to hover your mouse on an item for it to display information.. well, you literally can’t do that without a mouse!

Who really browses the internet on their phones anyway?

You can be forgiven for thinking that most internet usage and browsing happens on a desktop or laptop. Even just ten years ago, the majority of the internet’s traffic and use was done on large screens, with cellphones delegated to maybe a handful of specialized apps like news and social media. However, just like everything else with the technology, things change fast. Even by 2017, mobile internet use (as a share of total internet use), was 47.96% (source). In other words, almost half of all internet traffic worldwide was done on mobile devices. This is something you’d be foolish to ignore.

Create more opportunities.

Now that you understand the basic importance of responsive websites, how else can you use it to your advantage? The great thing about modern website design is that it is infinitely flexible (ok, almost) in terms of what you can do. It is possible to give your mobile and small-screen users an experience tailored just for them: positioning calls-to-action right where they will see it when your site loads, creating special tabs and interface options that are easy to tap on instead of clicking on in a desktop environment. And even little things like making phone numbers clickable, so that your cell-phone user can simply tap to dial your number to get in touch will go a long way.

What now?

Not sure where to get started with overhauling or fixing up your website? Looking to simply drive more leads? Let’s get acquainted and learn more about you! Start strong by answering a set of thoughtful questions and we’ll reach out to schedule your call to see if we’re a good fit to work together.


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Curious how we do it?

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