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Feb 22 2019, by Sarah

Have you outgrown your website? Is it time to move on?

Have you outgrown your website? Is it time to move on?

Things are broken, it’s become way too much of a hassle and now you’ve resided to just letting it be and ignoring it in hopes that it fades away… your website that is! Seeing as it’s February and relationships are on our minds, we felt it would be timely to discuss exactly why you might have outgrown your relationship with your website and whether or not it’s time to move on to greener pastures!

All businesses reach a stage where they realize they’ve outgrown their current website, and you could say it’s a major growing pain – but it’s also a wonderful opportunity when it presents itself. It means you’re doing something right! The question is, how do you respond to this special occasion? Do you rise up and grab the challenge of realizing you need an entirely new website strategy, or do you stick band-aid solutions to your website in hopes of avoiding the time and monetary investments a new website requires?

In an attempt to make your life a little bit easier, we’ve narrowed things down to three relevant factors that you should consider when trying to determine if your business has outgrown your current website:

Factor 1: It’s lacking brand credibility. This means your site falls into the category of a ‘cookie cutter’ appearance that many other website share, making it super difficult for your audience to differentiate you from your competition.

Factor 2: It’s not supporting your growth. When you have a fast-growing business, templated website services like Wix, Weebly and SquareSpace were not created to process thousands (or more) visitors per day. Instead, they were meant for the casual enthusiast to start a blog and basic website. This is a major pain point when you have a successful business that needs to scale with your audience’s interest but is bottle-necked by the software itself.

Factor 3: It’s not mobile friendly. You’ve heard us say it before, and we’ll say it again – your website needs to be 100% responsive – meaning it displays appropriately on all devices and screen sizes. Google penalizes websites if they are not mobile friendly, and since most visitors are accessing websites on smart phones now, your website needs to display effectively on smartphones as well as laptops and desktop screen sizes!

If you’ve determined that it is indeed time to start moving on from your existing website, then you have a wonderful journey ahead of you that will lead you to feeling confident and inspiring growth. After all, we believe every business should have a website that works as hard as their team, so shake off your website shame and take the first step in finding your strength!

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If you’re feeling unsure about the state of your website you can start by ask yourself a single, important question: Is my website as a whole working hard enough for my business? If you answered no or are simply unsure – it’s time to start investigating how you can better connect and resonate with your potential clients through your website.

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Curious how we do it?

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