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Feb 8 2019, by Sarah

Is your business website good relationship material, or is it letting you down?

Is your business website good relationship material, or is it letting you down?

The spark that used to be there seems to have fizzled and faded, now it feels like your website just doesn’t ‘get’ you and your business anymore. Things used to be new and shiny and you were proud to show off and share your website, now you make excuses and tell prospects that it’s ‘under construction’. You’re definitely not alone! Your website could indeed be letting you down – but that doesn’t mean things can’t be turned around.

Making a good first impression can be a challenge (online and off!), and sometimes you may feel like you aren’t starting off on the right foot when it comes to your online presence. After all, we only have a handful of seconds to impress visitors and a large percentage of that impression is made instantly through the visuals and copy that are presented on your homepage. Remember, you don’t get a second chance to ‘wow’ your website visitors and prospective clients once they’ve land on your website – so you must position yourself to make a positive lasting impression that leaves them wanting more!

To get the best results we highly recommend having a thorough, strategic creative and marketing plan when it comes to your website, but you can still start by walking yourself through a quick set of our relationship questions below. This is the starting point we often ask our clients to see how strong of a connection they have with their current web presence:

Are you letting your past dictate your future?

Don’t let your fear of a bad creative experience keep you from investing in what your business truly needs. When you work with professionals that have a thoughtful process you can rest assured that your needs will be met and you’ll be a welcomed part of the team.

Are your assumptions about your website wrong?

No one can know everything – sometimes it’s best to do one thing really well and rely on help for the rest. We all have assumptions about why our websites should work a specific way, but have you challenged those assumptions and spent time educating yourself on why your website might be letting you down?

Is your outdated website pushing your prospects away rather than attracting them?

Truth be told, it’s always easier (read: lazier) to accept that your website will make a bad impression and knowing that your users will leave the website feeling underwhelmed and confused. But you want to attracting qualified, eager prospects, right? Make sure you’re asking yourself a few of the following questions when looking at your website:

  1. How trustworthy and legitimate does my website appear?
  2. Is it quick and easy to find the information you’re looking for?
  3. Does the website give you a feeling that the business is targeted and specific with what it does and/or who it serves?

What is your current website saying to the world?

Look at your website through new eyes, (as a prospective client) and ask yourself how you truly feel. What are your first impressions? What is your gut telling you about this business?

With all that being said, it comes down to the fact that lost opportunities have a price tag. When people browse away from your website you lose potential prospects to your competitors (or simply lose them altogether!) it ends up hurting your business. The relationship with your website needs to be strong, your website should boost your confidence and bring you real results.

Shake off your website shame.

If you are unsure if your website is helping or hurting your business, we would like to offer you our e-guide ‘6 secrets to landing your best clients’. Not only will you be able to determine if your website is helping or hurting your business, you’ll learn about the importance of properly targeted messaging, website funnels, conversions and more! If you haven’t downloaded your guide just yet, simply click here for access.


Curious how we do it?

Curious how we do it?

The Weight Creative process is as unique as our clients.


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Is your website helping or hurting you?

Learn the 6 secrets to landing your best clients! Download our e-guide and let your website do the heavy lifting for you.