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Dec 2 2018, by Sarah

Missing out on getting clients? It’s not you, it’s your website!

Missing out on getting clients? It’s not you, it’s your website!

They told you to build a website, and you did! They told you your website will miraculously connect you with tons of new clients… and it didn’t. You’re not alone. Many websites lack a strategy and their copy often ends up tooting their own horns – rather than focusing on solving their audiences’ problems and addressing their pain points.

This is where we step in to tell you to that people don’t surf the web and randomly click on services and/or products willy-nilly (of course, you already knew that!). They really need to feel like they know, like and trust you in order for you to get their business!

Go over the following three tips while keeping your website in mind and see how it measures up:

  1. You’re being self-centered. If your website content is focused on what you sell, why you’re super amazing and how your business operates, ask yourself “Is my website audience-focused? How am I helping my potential clients make their lives better (and hopefully richer!).” Don’t tell them how great you are; tell them how great they can be with your product or services!
  2. Where’s the love!? Creating an emotional connection with your audience really matters. Not only are emotionally involved potential clients more likely to engage with your business, they also provide more value to your business over longer periods of time. Have you ever landed on a website or interacted with a brand and thought “I like this, it feels just like me!” or maybe there are brands you just always associate with quality? Why is that? Try to place yourself in your audiences’ shoes and ask yourself what they might be thinking while they explore your current website.
  3. Things are looking a little fuzzy – and not in the cute kitten kind of way. The main reasons website can fail to bring in clients is their lack of focus and defined objectives. For the most part, a website should have one primary goal and one primary goal only (e.g., a free meeting, downloading a helpful resource, scheduling an appointment, etc.) Ask yourself, “Is my website eclipsing our primary goal? Are secondary goals distracting our visitors from being pushed towards our objectives?”

Although there are many more factors at play when understanding exactly how your website fits into your business process and strategy, we hope these tips and questions have helped you to get your gears turning. Your website should not only inspire confidence in how you view your business (that’s right, no more website shame!) but it should also position your business to be the irresistible choice for your audience.

You might be asking yourself, now what?

If you’re feeling unsure about the state of your website you can start by ask yourself a single, important question: Is my website as a whole working hard enough for my business? If you answered no or are simply unsure – it’s time to start investigating how you can better connect and resonate with your potential clients through your website.

Start strong by answering a set of thoughtful questions here and we’ll reach out to you to see if we’re a good fit to give you a hand with your website and strategy.


Curious how we do it?

Curious how we do it?

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