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Jasmine Foods

A taste of the Mediterranean
Jasmine Foods


Jasmine Mediterranean Foods is a family-run b2b food distributor specializing in authentic Mediterranean products. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, they have been packaging and delivering exotic products such as olive oil, tahini, dried dates and more for over 20 years.

Services Delivered

  • Brand expansion
  • Package Design
  • Print Management
Jasmine Foods
Jasmine Foods

The Ask

As a modestly sized distributor, Jasmine foods understands the significance of marketing products to be as accessible as possible in order to maximize the value of their brand. Though Jasmine has had a long history of success catering to the ethnic market, the time had come for the brand to target more mainstream demographics in Canada, specifically millennials who wanted to explore Mediterranean cuisine. Jasmine requested that our team take a unique creative approach that would appeal to 20 - 30 year old domestic shoppers that might not have ever tried ethnic foods before, while being careful not to alienate their existing traditional ethnic market.

The Solution

Weight Creative spent considerable time exploring the brand’s possibilities with continued feedback and ideation from Jasmine Foods. After lengthy market research and competition analysis, Weight Creative put together a strategy to produce creative works that centered around the ideals of western modernity paired with the classical influence of the Mediterranean: focusing on clean western-style design paired with imagery that shows off the unique and diverse products themselves. This design philosophy invites mainstream audiences who might not be acquainted with the products to trust the brand’s familiar and comfortable design aesthetic enough to give in to their curiosities about the food products themselves.

Jasmine Foods
Jasmine Foods


Products were thoughtfully and patiently revamped, slowly being introduced into the market to test consumer response and feedback. Compared to Jasmine Food’s very traditional looking competitors, the labels stood out to grocers and consumers alike.

In Jasmine Food’s own words, “customers were more inclined to purchase certain food items from Jasmine Foods because of the labels, and  big-name grocers were more receptive to carrying the products”, noting an exposure increase of 15% – 20% over two years prior, related directly to the label design and the shifting of Jasmine Food’s position in the market that the work facilitated.

Over the course of two years, Weight Creative has refreshed more and more of Jasmine Food’s catalogue into a cohesive and memorable line of products.

Jasmine Foods

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