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Championing policies that put women in charge of their own reproductive health.


Champions of Global Reproductive Rights—who also go by the acronym PAI—advocates policies that put women in charge of their reproductive health. They work with policymakers in Washington and a network of partners in developing countries to remove roadblocks between women and the services and supplies they need. For over 50 years, PAI has helped women succeed by upholding their basic rights.

Services Delivered

  • Brand expansion with cohesive branding and sub-branding
  • Collateral and marketing materials refresh and refinement
  • Publication layout and print management
  • Custom WordPress website and micro-site development

The Ask

PAI was referred to Weight Creative as specialists to help with publication layout, refine and design documents and marketing materials as required. After some time of producing quality print deliverables for PAI, tasks were increased to include the development of digital assets and micro-sites for ongoing outreach campaigns. Of note within these campaigns was the need for the creation of a digital ‘hub’ for documents and information to easily be archived, tagged, sorted and disseminated.

The Solution

The first priority was to become experts with the PAI brand, by working on nuanced collateral and highly targeted projects. After only a brief period of time, Weight Creative became intimately familiar with PAI’s core audiences and how to best engage them, including cultural considerations and specific technical challenges like using the web to reach demographics in areas with poor or slow connectivity within the developing world. Weight Creative then developed the ‘GFF Hub’; an online document repository for PAI that allows content to be uploaded into a lightweight website for dissemination into a culturally diverse area.


The Results

Weight Creative has successfully worked with PAI to create engaging digital and print communications that accurately portray the current social landscape of their target communities. Some of the deliverables include a custom digital photobook analyzing the primary healthcare systems of Ghana with matching sharables running across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as a printed photo book for PAI shareholders and a set of user-friendly interactive graphs detailing the political influence on women’s rights in America.

The GFF hub website project resulted in a lightweight website well suited for low-speed 3G connections, allowing users to quickly search and sort content by themes, categories, location, date and more. The content can be in multiple file types, and features a bilingual component, allowing for uploaded hub content to be listed and displayed natively in both French and English where applicable.


“PAI has partnered with Weight Creative on a variety of digital projects, relying heavily on their design and technical expertise. We feel confident that we’re getting the best service in building our digital footprint. ”

– Alston Roberts III, PAI Senior Digital Associate

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