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The Super Start

The Super Start

Initial Discovery

To know where you need to go, you need to understand where you are. Our Super Start package provides detailed insight into the state of your company’s creative and marketing efforts – both what you do well, and areas in need of improvement. You’ll finish the Super Start package with a tailor-made findings report, complete with recommended next steps to embark on your journey of building a stronger presence – both online and off.

  • Delve into your company’s strengths and gaps when it comes to creative and marketing strategy
  • In-depth, personalized assessment and audit of your company’s current branding, creative materials, positioning, and web presence
  • We’ll explore your business goals, and ensure you’re on the right path to meet and exceed them with confidence
  • Get ready to grow with a detailed findings report that will help you and your team stay on track as you reach for success
The Game Plan

The Game Plan

In-depth Discovery Sessions

With a little preparation, even the toughest journeys can be less intimidating. Our Game Plan package will give you a clear roadmap, guiding you through the path to amping up your creative and marketing strategy. Based on a careful study of your company’s individual needs, our recommendations will define and refine your brand image, creative collateral, and marketing strategy – in the short and long-term.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your current market position – why you are where you are and how you can improve
  • Bring your creative identity in line with your marketing goals
  • Make sure your digital marketing strategy is your company’s greatest strength
  • Start building a solid foundation with an in-depth, action-oriented strategy report that will guide you to exactly where you need to go
Creative Cardio

Creative Cardio

Branding and Creative

Make sure your branding, messaging and collateral do you justice with our Creative Cardio package – grow brand awareness and boost recognition by ensuring your brand is professional, cohesive and tailored to the strategic innovator you are. Creative Cardio will get your branding up to the level that your work deserves: smart, polished and leading your industry.

  • Develop strong messaging by crafting and refining your tagline, vision and mission statements to uniquely appeal to your audience
  • Establish detailed brand standards and guidelines that will ensure consistency in all branding materials moving forward
  • Create a memorable creative identity that will boost brand recognition and awareness while strategically connecting to your audience
  • Move forward with brand confidence while standing above your competition with an identity that is uniquely yours
Digital Dynamite

Digital Dynamite

Strategic Websites

Get ready to shake off your website shame, engage with your users and increase your leads with a beautiful new website that you can take pride in! Our Digital Dynamite package will create a strategic website that focuses on user-experience while working hard on behalf of your company. You deserve a website you’re excited about!

  • Make sure your website design provides a seamless, responsive user experience across all devices!
  • Stand out from the competition and boost your credibility with smart, intuitive website design that uses careful planning to ensure all your content is thoughtfully organized
  • Your website will be flexible, secure and easy to update – plus we offer long-term maintenance support plans
  • Compel your audience with a conversion-oriented website that makes it easy for them to take action
Visibility Booster

Visibility Booster

Traffic Generation Preparation

Are you ready to let the world know about the amazing work you do? Before you dive into the world of traffic generation options, our Visibility Booster package will set you up with a strong foundation. We’ll work with you to develop landing pages, craft a blog and newsletter strategy, audit existing lead magnets and e-newsletters before you move forward with any online marketing tactics.

  • Design and development of a landing page that can help drive traffic to your website, target niche audiences and attract leads
  • Receive a thorough audit of any existing lead generation tactics, lead magnets, e-mail marketing and more!
  • Development of a three-part relationship-building email autoresponder series to help you build relationships with your audience and stay top-of-mind
  • Amp up your content production with a custom blog and newsletter strategy plan

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Curious how we do it?

Curious how we do it?

The Weight Creative process is as unique as our clients.


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