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Nov 5 2018, by Sarah

3 ways to set your business apart and accelerate growth

3 Ways to Set your Business Apart and Accelerate Growth

There are no questions about it, every brand is fighting for its fair share of attention (online and off!). These days it’s critical to have a genuine, authentic and strong brand – it can set a business apart and accelerate its growth.

Before we jump into explaining exactly why your audience might not be feeling a strong connection with your brand, we must define what a brand is. Think of your brand as a family of creative assets made up of your name, designs, symbols and other features that identify your business. Your brand is not just your logo and it cannot stop there when you’re building your collateral.

A great example is when you hear the name Apple, you don’t immediately think of the fruit, you think of a very specific feeling and emotional response. Regardless of whether you love them or hate them, you think about their unique computer designs, their operating system, their eco-system and what they stand for.  This goes far beyond logos and imagery or even creative advertising campaigns. The Apple brand connects with consumers on an emotional level, resulting in their customers feeling a sense of loyalty to the brand itself.

According to HubSpot, A brand identity is made up of what your brand says, what your values are, how you communicate your concepts, and the emotions you want your consumers to feel when they interact with your business. Essentially, your brand identity is the personality of your business and a promise to your consumers.

Everything you say as a business, including your email marketing, website content, social media updates and blog posts should convey this unique, memorable voice so that people can connect with your brand on a personal and emotional level. For reference, in our Super Start package, we begin by taking all our clients through a deeper look at their branding, audience, messaging and competition to give a clearer understanding of how they impact a business.

Here are a handful of factors to take into consideration when looking at your own brand:

Find your brand’s voice
How can you know what the voice of your brand is, so you can start to focus on how to authentically communicate with your audience? Imagine that your brand is a person and ask: what are their hobbies, education level, family status, gender, etc.? Answering these questions will help you determine what kind of tone and language your audience will most attracted to.

Determine your best communication channels
There is an overwhelming number of channels out there for you to pick from, so you need to pick wisely and ensure they align with your marketing goals. Ask yourself the following questions to help narrow in on the best possible communication channels. Does the channel reach my intended audience? Is the channel affordable and sustainable given my budget? Is the channel well received by my audience? Does the channel allow me to provide the message and visuals I need to get across?

Establish an emotional connection (it’s all about the feels!)
Creating an emotional connection with your audience matters, after all your growth lies within your audience base! Not only are emotionally involved customers more likely to engage with your business they also provide more value to your business over longer periods of time. Have you ever landed on a website or interacted with a brand and thought “I like this, it feels just like me!”? Try to put yourself in your audiences’ shoes and ask yourself what they might be thinking when they visit your website and interact with your branding, marketing materials and social platforms.

Always keep in mind that your brand represents and differentiates your business, mission and vision to your current and potential customers. If you want to reach your target audience, it is essential to develop a distinctive voice and character that accurately and authentically communicates your brand.

You might be asking yourself, now what?

If you’re feeling unsure about the state of your brand you can start by ask yourself a single, important question: Is my brand as a whole working hard enough for my business? If you answered no or are simply unsure – it’s time to start investigating how you can better connect and resonate with your potential clients through your brand.

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