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Jan 11 2019, by Sarah

Transform your website shame into your A-plus game with these top 5 web-performance strategies for B2B organizations.

Transform your website shame into your A-plus game

Picture this: You’re in a crowded room, networking with smart professionals and the moment arrives to pass out your business card to a prospective client or partner. You reach into your pocket in search of your business cards… your hands being to feel clammy, and as you hand over your card you feel the panicked need to tell this person that you’re “re-doing” your website. You wouldn’t want them to think your current website reflects the way you actually run your business. While there may not be an official definition for what this experience is called in the Oxford Dictionary, in our industry we like to call it website shame.

We all want our online profile (website, social media, blog content, etc.) to truly reflect who we are as a business and how we help our clients. We want to feel like our website elevates us above our competition and provides us with much needed influence and authority. You may be thinking that while you’ve sunk a lot of time and money into your website in the past, it’s still not aligned with your vision – so now you’ve stopped visiting it, updating it and you’re not using it as a vital tool within your sales process. Huge mistake.

While there are many factors that will boost your website game, we have several web-performance strategies that we like to use with our valued clients. With that said, here’s five you can use as a starting point right now.

Five web-performance strategies below to help step up your website game and rid you of that website shame:

  • Be responsive! We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again – design with mobile users in mind. Have you ever visited a website on your phone only to find that everything is too small and you have to scroll around and zoom in to read anything? What did you do? Most users who visit a website that isn’t formatted for their screen will immediately just leave without ingesting any content at all, resulting in a dramatic loss of sales. Does this sound like your website?
  • Understand your basic metrics. If you don’t already use Google Analytics (or heck, any other analytic software) …you should! You don’t need to be an all-knowing website master, but you do need to have a handle on key metrics concerning your website. Things like the number of unique visitors, total visitors and bounce rates will tell you a lot of insightful information about your website and how it serves your visitors. How far are users going into your website? What pages do they tend to leave on? What are they looking at before they decide to make a purchase or sign up? With this knowledge, you can figure out exactly what is working for you.
  • Get rid of any 404 errors! This may seem like a minor thing to bring up, but too many 404 errors (aka broken pages and links) create a bad user experience and usually result in a higher-than-average bounce rate. For something so small, it really can have a negative impact on the impression of your website. Plus it hurts your SEO rankings with Google.
  • Optimization. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there’s lots of little things you can do on your website to improve the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. Make sure you have keyword-based page titles, meta description tags and incorporate select keywords into your website source code and existing content on designated pages.
  • SSL certificate. This an absolute must! An SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer), also called a Digital Certificate, creates a secure link between your website and a visitor’s browser. Don’t forget, Google penalizes websites that don’t acquire an SSL certificate and it will show warning notifications in certain web browsers that your website is not secure!

It’s time to love your website again.

Your website should work as hard as you do, no questions asked. Hopefully you’ve found this article useful. And if you’re ready to ramp things up even further and make a great impression, we recommend arming yourself with insight and considering a tail-made strategy that brings real results. Fill out our intake form and we can find out together if we’re a good fit to help give your business a boost.

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