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Sep 12 2019, by Sheldon

Unified, consistent, cohesive… Learn the top performing elements of a business-class website


Have you ever stopped to wonder what your audience looks for in your website? What elements of a website build trust, engagement and drive leads? For some of us, it may not always be top of mind, but it is certainly worth exploring.

Consistent branding

Whether they are aware of it or not, your audience is constantly comparing their experience with your website against other professional brands and organizations that they have come in contact with. Any inconsistencies that might have slipped into your website will weigh against you and make your organization look comparatively less professional. Some items to looks for might include:

  • Incorrect fonts – if all the pages are set in one or two fonts, but suddenly a third font is used on a page, it will look noticeably off! Ensure that the font and typefaces used on your website are ones that consistent throughout, and also match the rest of your collateral like your logo (most importantly) or any print pieces like brochures, pamphlets, reports, etc.
  • Colors – Ensure that your website is always using a suitable color palette for your brand. Ideally, this should be included as part of any brand standards guide – allowing anyone who touches the website (or any other touchstones of your brand) to create a cohesive look that accurately reflects your organization. Furthermore, try to limit yourself from adding any extra colors that aren’t already used elsewhere: If your website is green, white and blue, adding in some red text will certainly be jarring, off-brand and will look demonstrably unprofessional.

Cohesive page elements

While naturally, not every page will be able to have the exact same layout (layouts must fit your content after all), it is imperative that your website shares at least some consistency across all pages. For example, if all pages on your website start with a header image under the navigation except for one, that count considerably hurt the strength of your banding. This example might be smaller, but it can scale to the point of a web-page not even looking like part of the same site.

Imagine suddenly finding a page where the navigation moves from the top of the page to the left, the website suddenly goes from full width to a two column layout and there are no images anywhere on a site that was, up ‘til now, very image heavy. You very might think you are on a new site, confusing visitors and hurting your brands’ integrity! This kind of confusion makes your organization look unprofessional and is a huge factor in breaking trust with your audience. After all, how attention detailed could you be if your website isn’t even consistent with itself?

Mobile ready design

More and more users are browsing the internet on their phones and mobile devices instead of on computers and larger devices. While it used to be commonplace not to have ‘responsive’ designs, smartphones and similar devices now hold a 63% share of all retail website visits (as of 2018), which is a huge amount of users to ignore. Beyond this, Google has released research that states over half of mobile users will leave a website without viewing any content if the website doesn’t have a mobile-ready and responsive layout.

Use your site

This one is a no-brainer, but it’s important to go through your own website to provide quality assurance for yourself. Try and view your website design as if you are browsing it for the first time – where does the website push you to go? Is everything legible and working correctly? It’s amazing how often little things get missed because nobody is checking to make sure the website is up to date and working correctly.

Lose the website shame

Is your website working as hard as you do? If you’re ready to make a great impression or you need help creating a cohesive website, we recommend arming yourself with a tailor-made website and strategy that brings real results.  Click here to fill out our get in touch form to see if we’re a good fit to help you grow or not.


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Curious how we do it?

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