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Jan 25 2019, by Sarah

What is a creative strategy and why do you need it in your marketing plan?

What is a creative strategy and why do you need it in your marketing plan?

You might have 99 problems, but a creative strategy aligned with your marketing plan should not be one of them. Simply put, we believe a creative strategy and a marketing plan should be best friends, communicating with one another as they grow and change over the course of time. Now, you may be thinking that you have a marketing plan in place (at least to some degree), because after all, you have a website and active social media platforms. But, have you stopped to ask yourself how does your business continue to present your brand’s image on an on-going basis to your audience? It can be a difficult question to answer.

This is where a creative strategy comes into play. While there’s many moving parts and subtle nuisances to each creative strategy (because they are unique to each business), there are a two fundamental pillars:

Visual delivery – your entire marketing plan rests on your creative collateral.

It’s the graphic designer’s job is to translate your strategies and messages into visually appealing communication pieces that successfully connect with your intended audience. However, when you lack a creative strategy that is properly aligned with your marketing and sales goals, things can start to fall flat, leaving you wondering why you aren’t reaching your audience successfully and getting leads. Creative efforts can make or break a piece of marketing materials that were intended to communicate clearly with your audience. When it comes down to it, the best products, strategy, services and ideas can be ruined by bad design.

What you say and how you say it – translating your strategy into words.

It’s hard to get around, but no matter what business you are in you need to have professionally written copy. For example, if your website, brochures, advertisements, catalogues, email and direct mail are all failing to persuade prospects to work with you then all the costs of producing, designing and distributing those creative materials are completely wasted. Not only are these considered sunk costs, they will back-fire when it comes to your brand’s recognition and perception.

In this ever-evolving industry you really do get what you pay for, so think twice before “ordering your logo and collateral online” for pocket-change, or getting your cousin’s brother to do it for you over the weekend. Consider how your brand will be perceived by your audience and whether your creative collateral will give you an advantage over your competitors or make you look like a one-man band!

Don’t wait for change, get the ball rolling today.

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Curious how we do it?

Curious how we do it?

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Is your website helping or hurting you?

Learn the 6 secrets to landing your best clients! Download our e-guide and let your website do the heavy lifting for you.